Year #0 – Also known as the year I was born.

On the 4th Jan 1976, I was born. I wonder who would come to regret it more, my mum or me. More about that later.

As anyone born around the end of December or beginning of January can testify, it’s not the best time to have your birthday. And I will claim that 2-4th January is possibly the worst birthday ever. So all you potential parents, hormones raging men and women out there, go and have a blast but if it is April, keep the rubber on and pop the pills.

Now, let me count the ways (why it is not great to give your child a birthday around that time).

Firstly, it is the kind of birth date no one remembers. Why would you? It’s right after Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Most people would have been out celebrating the days before and nursing a hangover or festive fatigue on your birthday. Even if they do remember, by the time they had completed detoxing from all the celebrations, they would have ran out of money for any presents or enthusiasm for another celebration.

Secondly, it is the kind where no one knows it till it is over. Regardless of the part of the world you come from, 4th January is usually the first days of school for the year or just before school starts. Where I came from, school term starts with the new year and always with a new class. Who would have enough organizational skills to post birthdays let alone organize a celebration? And so, throughout the year, I would end up chipping in for birthday presents, organizing celebrations and just when we’ve gone through just about everyone, the year ends and a new year begins.

Also, it is the kind where everyone is not in town. If you think school is only a phase in life, then I testify that it doesn’t get better. Nowadays, people around me will take advantage of the public holidays to get away. Usually, they are either still away on the 4th or just returning from holidays.

I think you get the idea.

Sure, if I’m cool and popular, people must want to celebrate my birthday.  But for your unborn child, do you really want to start him on her on a difficult journey? Imagine if your kid can be cool and popular and have an easy birthday, wouldn’t that be easier?

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