To judge or not to judge

I’ve never heard of the term sorority sisters until recently. In one form or another, it is not uncommon. In sports, team captains pick the best players to improve their chances. If you happen to be the kid in school who has no talent in spots and yet had to participate because it is a school program, you’ll understand the embarrassment of being picked last out of no choice.

I’ve never analyzed my friends and make judgments about their personality and make decisions based on it. Professionally, I do it often to help people develop. Personally, I’ve not decided that someone is not funny or that someone is awkward and thus not welcome to my party. I am naive, probably it’s because I’m trying so hard to fit I wouldn’t think to exclude anyone.

I think it’s a blessing to have choices. When you have so many people who want to be friends with you then your only choice is to choose.  And maybe part of that process is judging.

I like the CNN advertisement about a new girl in school looking for a place in the canteen for her lunch.  I think we can be more generous about people and give them a chance. Look deeper within for something good.

But my friends will say I’m whiny. Just face it, why should one be generous when there’s power to reject. It is survival of the fittest after all.

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