I almost book a return flight

I have arrived! After nearly 24 hours of travel, I have finally arrived in Buenos Aires for my 34 day vacation. Everyone says it will be great and besides, they all pitched in for my going away present. So why did I have a sudden urge to turn back 5 minutes into the apartment?

Let’s start with the fact that I have never been on a trip for this long. Okay, I have left home and lived in Paris for 6 years now, we could call this a trip right? I blame Eat Pray Love for throwing caution into the wind to embark on a month of vacation rather than looking for a new job. Let’s hope this is the Bali leg and not the India part.

Things started crumbling. My lovely red Benetton luggage has suffered the most in the journey. It now spot a dent on the top left corner liked a car that had survived a car crash. My iPhone died; yes, I have become an addict. The kitchen stove doesn’t work so I’ll have to cook on a hot plate. After a painful time of cooking, the pasta from the supermarket tastes like rubber. Did I mention that the cinema next door is closed for renovation??? Where am I going to watch the latest Harry Potter movie?

Then there is the 26°C sunny weather. I’m not used to seeing this much sun anymore. What happened to my beloved grey Parisian sky? It’s actually cool!

Alright, I’m a BIG FAT SISSY. Actually, everything is great. The weather is a lovely sunny breeze. My iPhone came back to life after some hard resetting. I love my bed and the possibility of taking a cold shower. We still have to do something about the pasta situation. But I have a microwave, toaster and coffee maker. And just 15 mins away, there is a big cineplex where I can catch all original versions of movies.

After 3 hours of napping, I came to my senses. This is the land of Tango, Spanish and lovely beef, all my favourite things in 1 place. Yeah!!!

Tomorrow begins the real adventure. Today is just for resting, sleeping and shaking off the SISSY attitude. Tomorrow, I have plans, plans, plans.

And thanks to all those who found people for me to connect with. Tomorrow, Buenos Aires, you shall have a singaporean storm.

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