I think lavender grows on trees in BA

When you eat a strawberry cake and there is one strawberry on the cake, do you eat it first or do you eat it last? I like to eat it last.

I shook off the hesitations of yesterday and set out today to my neighbourhood. Most wouldn’t call this an adventure in Buenos Aires but to me, it was a perfect start. I had Harry, McDonald’s and Starbucks. I felt like an american tourists looking for familiar franchises. I don’t know, it’s probably just the comfort of going to see a movie I’ve been waiting for and knowing where to go in future. I can be adventurous tomorrow, today, the taste of familiar food was calming.

And everything was uphill from there. I found a lovely and big supermarket near me. This is my pasta solution! Yeah! Now, if they have the every so faithfully delicious Barilla Pesto Rosso, I think it will be perfect.

Nearby, there is a cd shop with all the old recordings of tango at 5 pesos. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I shall shop tomorrow around and share some music. For now, here’s “Por una cabeza” by Carlos Gardel.

I knew it from Scent of A Woman with Al Pacino but today, I’ve rediscovered this song and the history of the song writer.

Finally, the streets of buenos aires where I live smells awesome. On the streets today, I was so relaxed. And I finally noticed that the scent came from the purple flowered trees around me. They really smelt like lavender. I think they grow on trees here.

Today, the cake is enough. Tomorrow, I shall go for the strawberry topping.

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