I see clouds on an apple

I saw clouds growing on apples, Mr Invisible, fairies and the strawberry topping of Buenos Aires; San Telmo.

San Telmo is my strawberry topping of Buenos Aires (for now). It’s colourful, musical, tasty and warm. During my 13 hours plane ride to Buenos Aires, I sat next to an Italian pharmaceutical specialist. She is here for work and speaks very little Spanish and Italian. But we managed to make ourselves understood and decided to go visit San Telmo today. It’s the place where no conversations are needed when everything around you is waiting to be experienced.

At the center of Plaza Dorrego, in the middle of the market, people stood around to listen to 2 guitarists.  Further down was Mr Invisible and then a little house full of fairies. Lastly, I thought I saw clouds or cotton growing on an apple. It’s actually pop corn. Delicious.

San Telmo is the home of the old finding a new home. With the backdrop of tango music playing, these once-treasures-of-someone are out on display waiting for their new owners. They put themselves out, with their polished best of an old body, upholding their dignity to seek out their new owners. They belong to an era of yesteryears. I don’t even know the names to some of them. It’s like walking through fantasy land.

They used to belong to someone. Maybe the owners are no longer here, maybe they had no choice. And perhaps they were missed. Like an old Argentinian song, Desde Que Tu Te Has Ido. A beautiful old song reinterpreted here in the video.

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