My stomach has jetlag

I think my stomach has not adjusted to the time difference. Buenos Aires is 4 hours behind Paris, which is not a lot really. The weather is completely opposite. Paris is snowing now at a constant sub-zero degree Celsius situation. Buenos Aires is 27°C and mounting with sunrise at 530am and sunset at 8pm.

As a seasoned traveller, I’m used to time differences and adapting to local times. Thus far, I’ve slept and woken up adapted to the time here. The only problem is, my stomach is suffering from jet lag.

Seriously, this is getting embarrassing.  I have spanish class every day. And everyday without fail, I would start getting hungry at 9am. My blood sugar would drop and I would start getting an out of the body experience. And of course, my stomach would make pig like growling intermittently.

Thus far, my solution have been: 1 apple, 1 sandwich, 1 croissant, cups and cups of coffee, tea, water. I could probably fit in 2 empanadas and a creme brulée while I’m at it.

Then by 3pm, I get hungry again.  This is of course 7pm in Paris time.

By dinner time here, I would have given up eating. This is not funny anymore. Anyone in Argentina will tell you, dinner is the best time to go to a parilla restaurant and sink your teeth into the delicious, slow cooked, melt in your mouth beef.

I need a blog on food. When my stomach has recovered from jetlag. And quick.

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