I saw Chicago in Buenos Aires

Going to see Chicago in Buenos Aires is a really cheap and fuss free affair. Or so I thought. Not the city, it was the musical about 2 women who killed their lovers while dreaming of being stars in show business. I saw the film version and saw that the theatre version is touring in Buenos Aires.

We bought the best seats for about 35 euros just the afternoon before the show. I was all excited and picked out a beige dress in the style of the 40s / 50s to parallel the period that Chicago was set in. It was a beautiful theatre and we were on row number 3.

The show started with the band playing that familiar tune “All That Jazz” and just before the dancers came on, for a split second, I thought, did we actually find out if the musical is in English? I mean this is Buenos Aires. The dancers came on, and they started with “five, six, seven, eight”, my heart sighed a slight relief. Then more singing, what a beautiful voice, “es igal jazz”, wait, isn’t that Spanish?! Yes, lo and behold, I am seated on the third row in a beautiful theatre watching an amazing show, IN SPANISH. This is the official test of all my days of learning Spanish, the monument of stupidity, the pentagon of snobbish assumption, the countless times I dig a hole and bury myself in it. While, there was no getting out and besides, the cast were really good.

I’ll admit that I didn’t understand half of it but the energy of the dancers, the comic presentation of the story and the music all made up for it. The other half I understood was enough to guide me through the plot. And might I add, what a cute looking cast. The dancers were really hot but what caught my heart was the charmingly slimy, well-dressed crocked lawyer.  He is a beautiful man in my eyes. So, here’s a picture of Chicago with the man in the middle, my love for the night.

It was a really entertaining play and my Spanish is not half bad, no pun intended.

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