I had a wish in Buenos Aires

2 years ago when I visited Buenos Aires, I had a wish. I wanted to watch soccer in La Boca in Buenos Aires. I finally did it this year! It

was the last game of the season and the winners had been decided already but I didn’t care, it was a game in La Boca, a game of football.

Argentinians are a passionate bunch, there are many things they love and are proud of. This includes their beef, their country, their women or men, their music and their dance and above all, their Football, to the men at least.

It’s not a safe place to be actually. So my friend and I booked with a group and jump onto the thing we hate – a tour bus (more like a van) to get there. The experience is completely surreal. We were led into a shop space that looked like we’ve stepped into a country side hut. We were brought to the back of the hut to wait and in the meantime, beer and hamburgers were offered. I wondered if we would actually make it to the stadium or would be left there hung out to dry without a ticket or our money.

Thankfully, we were led up to the stadium to the standing seats. As it turned out, we could sit on steps and it was a lovely start to the game.

Drums rolled, music started, confetti soared and the game started. Boca Juniors against Gymnasia. The most famous player in the teams is Palermo who played for Boca Juniors. 5 minutes later, we understood why, barely into the game, Palermo scored against Gymnasia. The stadium roared and more drums. Actually, the drums and the singing didn’t stop till the end of the game!

The game rallied on but the mood was intoxicating for a game not too exciting and the result that will not change anything. Passionate fans sang and shouted and sang. I had to admire their energy and stamina.

The ended with disappointment to the fans, it was a draw. No one left the stadium till the very end. We left last. Apparently, we had to let the other team’s supporters leave first before we could.

All my photos are in my big fat film camera. But you can imagine me with a lovely dutch girl, who has turned out to be a real partner in crime. Ha!

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