I think BA, te quiero

Buenos Aires is no Paris. It doesn’t have the obvious beauty, the wide boulevards and the monuments. This city is no Rome pack-filled with historical sites. But don’t be fooled, this city is deep and unassuming. It draws you in and then captures you before you know it. Today, I realized, I think I love her.

Some of my favourite things.

Today is the day of small wonders. I was going to take the bus to school when I realized that I don’t have any coins. It will be impossible to use notes to pay at all even if you don’t expect change. I had to ask people waiting in line for the bus for change. This lovely lady who was bringing her child to school stuffed me some coins and told me it was ok. I jumped onto the bus and another lady who was also waiting in line before called me and gave me the coins to change for my 5 peso note. How sweet. I was day dreaming on the bus and missed the stop. Just realizing that my stop was getting further I stood up and rang the bell. The bus driver graciously let me off at the traffic lights in front of the stop.

Today is one of those rare days. My friend who lives in US gchat me and told me he and her girlfriend are arriving tomorrow in Buenos Aires. I had not seen him for over a year. My friends and I went to a tango show this evening. What a show! The dancing, the songs, friends and being carefree.

Buenos Aires is one of those cities. You have to be willing to reach out for it, look beneath the surface, past the obvious and wait. It will come. Her beauty touches, her warmth opens my heart, her rhythm penetrating, and her passion bitter-sweet. Before long, I am captured and conquered. Really, I didn’t put up a defence.

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One Response to I think BA, te quiero

  1. jantango says:

    The city captured my heart as well about 15 years ago during my first visit, and I’ve been enjoying it for the past 12. I can relate to how you feel about Buenos Aires.

    You can avoid the change problem by obtaining a Monedero card which can be used on the buses and subte. Kioskos and subte stations will charge the card for you. Not all buses have the system operational as yet — they’re working on it.

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