I have a Mr Big in BA

So I’m a little drunk from a girls’ day out, drinking wine, eating great beef and talking and chatting. Charlar – in Spanish. I’m a little happy and red in my little black dress and black high heels preparing for my night out. And I had my hair done and time to spare.

My Mr. Big has buenos aires as his california. He doesn’t have a black ride but he can transport me anywhere with his dance. He is not mature and wise but we are like children when we are together, laughing at silly american series and nerdy jokes.

And tonight is goodbye. Because he will never be mine. He is the boleo that I can never master. The hooking and trapping of animals in literal sense and a move in Tango where the leg goes a little hook behind. How apt!

So my Mr. Big is here and far and my dream because he also has a dream of another. My bola – a tale, a story, for 3 years. Bye bye Mr. Big.

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