Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures = anything or activity that can be acquired or performed easily to conjure a sense of euphoria. It is sometimes linked exponentially to a person’s wealth or want of.

When I asked people what are their simple pleasures, I get all sorts of answers. It can be a walk in the garden, a nice cup of tea or waking up in a seaside resort, having a massage or spa session. Everyone has their definition of simple pleasures. Ask a kid without much, playing a game of soccer or licking an ice-cream is pure happiness. Ask a city kid, they might say x-box, wii, nintendo and some other games that I’ve never heard of. Ask a new father, he might say the sound of his child’s laugh and ask a new mother, 5 mins of the couch doing nothing.

When I was working 10-12 hours a day where deadlines were promised and delivered, I felt the need for something big like a trip or a beautiful dress to reward myself. Very soon, I realised that something expensive bought had probably a milege of a week’s pleasure and then it was just another thing I have. Travelling will be my special treat but for simple pleasures, I’ve decided that with the same amount of money for an expensive thing / experience, my pleasures would last for a longer time in small doses a day. That was when I learnt the economy of simple pleasures.

Remember Maria singing “My Favourite Things” in the movie, “The Sound of Music”. It’s also one of my favourite songs.

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sai simply remember my favourite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.

Admidst a thunder storm with my roof roaring with the pattering of rain, I tucked into my blanket and remembered my simple pleasures:

– A morning coffee with a good book to read or with a friend
– A walk in the supermarket or stationary store
– Buying stationary
– Waking up to music on my iPod
– Cheery strawberries
– Blueberries
– Listening and watching the rain drops on my rooftop window
– Breakfast in bed
– Ready cut watermelon or mangos
– Watching snowflakes and touching my cold cold nose
– Reading cards from friends
– Waking up to a kiss and a cuddle

The list isn’t that long but sometimes, even simple pleasures are hard to come by. It is starting to rain again and a sense of melancholy swept over me with the memory of the last point.

Fortunately, I’ve had my morning coffee, watching the world go by and next to me from my recent market purchase are cherry tomatoes and cherry strawberries for later. That wil do.

By the way, I need to reconsider blueberries in the list, they are getting expensive and rare. Hmm..

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