Holiday Fatigue

Holiday Fatigue – n a form of complain for being tired of celebrating especially during the christmas and new year period. It is a paradox of the kind of feeling one should have for holidays, describing oneself as tired from vacations.

The people who tells me of holiday fatigues have the luxury of doing so. Typically, a holiday is either taking time off to go away or being away from work because of designated holidays. Mostly, I hear this right after Christmas and new year celebrations. And this is usually followed by phrases like “too much eating”, “too much drinking”, “too much sun”, “too many family obligations” etc.

Christmas and new year are never easy times for many. Even for families members who see each other only during these times, it can create friction, bring up old squabbles and cause inmense amount of tension. There is also the politics of who to be with during Christmas for divorced couples and their children, for dating couples and their respective families. In addition, there is always the much dreaded holiday travel, airline strikes, transport closures, unbending weather. Otherwise, there is the pre-holiday stress of beaint crowds to do gifts shopping and the post-holiday stress of illness. Yes, holidays can be stressful and fatigue is reasonable.

Then there are people who has holiday vacum. The times of the year when everyone around them rushed around and complained about not enough time while they try to figure out what to do when everyone is off somewhere. Yes, holiday fatigue is a luxury. When you have family to complain about, you have at least family. You don’t have to worry about what to do, being alone and sometimes, these squabbles are easier to resolve than they may seem when compared to issues such as abuse, drugs and crime. It is also more fortunate than people who have no one due to death, war in their country or abandonment.

People who do not have anyone wouldn’t mind giving anything for that fatigue people talked about. For people who have it, it all seems so easy to those who don’t have it. For people who don’t have it, it all seems so simple to those who have. But in the end, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to be somewhere with someone. If there is a chance to be with someone who loves you, why choose solitutude? If that means fatigue, isn’t it better than resting all by yourself? You may wish it for year but it is also by observation that people who have it for a year, usually have it for a long time. People who choose to be alone for a particular year knows that there is next year. That is luxury.

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