To understand or not to understand

2011 is behind us. That was the year I truly don’t understand. There were so many things and events and people that I didn’t understand.

I don’t understand why evil got into power. Whenever I look at the events or middle east, I wonder how it came about. Sure I review the history and the event of things. But I don’t understand why someone in the power to do good choose to do evil, why the people around them condone it and even support them and help to do evil. I had a manager who uses power to torture his employees to do his bidding. He didn’t show any respect or appreciation, he was in a single mind to destroy anyone who speaks up against him and uses the worst possible ways of firing someone. I didn’t understand his hatred and how he could sleep at night knowing that he had just used the company’s resources to fight against a single person. I dodn’t understand.

I don’t understand why people can’t be nice to each other. We all have 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. No one has more or less but some live longer and some live shorter lives. But I don’t know of anyone who had died regretting they have done too much for other people or spent time responding to people. I’ve known of stories of people who don’t. So why can’t people be nicer and more polite to one another? I don’t understand why people can’t stop to say sorry when they bumped into someone, say thanks when someone did them a service, return a missed call or send a text to say they will return it later. I don’t understand.

I don’t understand how people in war stricken, famine plagued countries live. They worry about their basic safety or provisions. They may not have food for the next day, may be killed on the streets on the next day. Yet they strive, they live, they fight, they stand up, they go to the streets to protest and demand for good to be done. Why they don’t take cover and just sleep or cover their heads with blankets and wish for death. I saw the impact of natural disasters, the waters washing through and drowning civilisation, turnados that blew away everything that were cherished, I don’t know how they found strength and hope for the next day. I don’t understand.

I don’t understand people who have millions and still want more and would do stop at nothing to get it. The people who made a decision to cut the pay of the lowest paid people in the company and refuse to give up their bonuses that could be another’s salary for 2 years. There are people who cheat and lie to get more money. I don’t understand how they can spend it knowing they had taken it from other people dishonestly. I don’t understand.

People tell me, it’s love. The love of family, the love of their partners, the love of their children, the love of god. John Lennon sings it, Love is real, real is love. Love is feeling, feeling love. Love is wanting, to be loved. Love is touched, touched is love. Love is reaching, reaching love. Love is asking, to be loved. Love is knowing we can be. 

People say it’s the hope of something better. That’s another John Lennon song, Imagine. Imagine there’s no country, it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people, living life in peace. And the world will be as one. Imagine no possessions, no need for creed or hunger, a brotherhood of men, imagine all the people, sharing all the world. 

But I see these things that happen over and over again. I see people threatening each other, pointing missiles at one another. I see people turn their backs and not care. 

In The Inheritance cycle, the writer who was 17 when he started writing the books ended the series with Inheritance. And evil was vanquished because he had to understand.

I don’t understand how we are still sane and why we don’t go crazy already. I don’t know how people hold it together. I don’t understand or maybe I didn’t want to understand.

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